Instaglam – Seasonal Instagram Feeds

Christmas is a time for glitz and glam, and food and fun – an absolute ideal time to get your Instagram feed on top form. Here are some things you can look out for in a festive feed…


Keeping to a brand aesthetic is key and this can be done so many ways by planning out a feed with a theme. An easy way to do this is though colour – keeping to one colour palette should make all your photos fit seamlessly together on a page. For a Christmas-y touch go for cold colours like whites and blues or go glitzy with gold!


Starbucks creates Christmas themes in their feeds by using their seasonally designed cups every year. Again, they have stuck to a classic Christmas colour palette of white, green and red to spread the holiday message.


Another festive topic you can use to create links within photos can be by scheduling ‘12 Days of Christmas’ or ‘Advent Calendar’ themed posts. This sets yourself a challenge by planning ahead and thinking of what to post every day for the festive period. A good example of this is the Shangri-La ‘A World Of Christmas Warmth’ campaign run in 2015. They created an animated video which was cut into fifteen-second-long clips posted each day in December, which then ultimately was posted as a full video on Christmas day.


Stories are a key tool when it comes to putting content out over the Christmas period. Using fun Christmas themed sticker and gifs can really animate a post, or why not add a festive soundtrack to your video with the music sticker. All above tools can also easily be applied to any story that’s put out by using brand colours or posting every day for ‘12 Days of Christmas’ or ‘Advent Calendar’ themed content.

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