Picture this. You’ve stretched out of bed, poured your first cup of coffee, you open your computer and there they are – the best roundups on the latest food news! For us at Me:Mo, as a restaurant PR agency, it’s an absolutely crucial to keep up with everything that is going on in the food and restaurant industry. These newsletters are where we get the latest updates, who’s opening where, where we get the most up to date tips and tricks of the trade, and keep an eye on the ever changing London restaurant scene. So, stay updated with us, and have a read through our list of our current favourite food newsletters.


Eater London

Eater London is at the top of their game when it comes to brilliant journalism, which is pure gold for any restaurant PR agency to read! They will bring you along on their latest restaurant listings, inside tips and deep-dive interviews with one of the most up and coming chefs in London. They truly highlight the ones that deserve it, which makes it a very interesting read every morning!


The Caterer

If you’d like to read the BBC of food and hospitality – this one’s for you! The Caterer covers anything from smaller to bigger news, as well as keeping track of new trends and local updates on your favourite pub and bars. Not only do they recommend their own new favourite restaurants and other food places, but they are also one of the quickest to report on brand new openings – as well as openings in 2023(!) – all around London.


Big Hospitality

Last up we have Big Hospitality which will most definitely keep you up to date with the latest news. This one is particularly good for those who run their own restaurant or want to chat with a restaurant PR agency, as they cover news which has an impact on your food business! Do you know exactly how the new law regarding mandatory calorie labelling will affect the restaurant industry in the UK? If you sign up to this newsletter – you’ll always be up to date with latest industry news!


Now that you are up to date – would you like to know how to get your business in these daily newsletters? Drop us a message and we’ll introduce you to our top-performing press team!

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