We are currently in a sub-era of the digital age, defined by the use of social media. Restaurant PR agencies all around have witnessed a digital transformation in their methods of communications in recent years, and social media is seen as critical in adapting to this ‘new-school’ style of PR. Not only this, but also adopting a multichannel approach for optimisation of marketing.
Social media and restaurant PR go hand in hand. Restaurant social media is advancing rapidly and has long transcended beyond just Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. LinkedIn is also proving an important engagement tool, as well as SEO analysis to make for great blog posts! Not only does social media play a key role in restaurant performance, but the methods we adapt to analyse the information provided by these platforms is also a rapidly evolving tool in restaurant PR. Producing reports based on restaurant social media provides quantitative information that produces results-driven progress. This is a more than fundamental item in the PR toolbox in earning a place as a contemporary agency, as well as an agency of the future.

Despite this digital transformation, personal relationships have still been maintained in this industry. MeMo remains true to the fundamental tenet of building relationships vis-à-vis clientele. Every member of our team has a great personality beyond the laptop screens behind which we work at every day. In my opinion, everyone has a great sense of humour and this trait creates bonds and trust with our clients. We are always excited by hopping on a tube round London to meet clients, old and upcoming, and truthfully, MeMo HQ is never a full house! MeMo will forever be a restaurant PR agency that will not succumb to technological determinism by being shaped by ever-advancing technology, but embrace these whilst retaining our old-school PR values of relationships over all else.

Finding the balance between digital transformation and core restaurant PR values is heavily contested, though we believe that here at MeMo, we have a good line on the future.