It is that lovely time of the week where we at Me:Mo present our press round-up! January is meant for getting back to basics, yet finding new ways to enjoy the beginning of the year. This week has definitely shown successful ways to promote this vibe. So, grab a cup of coffee, get comfy and enjoy this week’s update on fantastic clients like The Black Cow, Lupo Bros, and Al Dente.


The Black Cow has definitely got the recognition they deserve. Starting off with a buzz from social media from beautiful Instagram stories and posts by Lady Who Brunches and The Munch Bunch Kids. – take a look at their posts to check out their drool-worthy new brunch offering…! Then we have digital paper trio  Islington Tribune, Westminster Extra Online and Camden New Journal Online that also chatted about The Black Cow, giving it very pleasing reviews. Did you catch them in them in the print version of Camden New Journal? Even though we love our digital fellas, it’s always great to see when local papers are shedding a light on their favourite culinary businesses.


This week we can also confirm that the game of best brunches has put our lovely Lupo Bros on the map. The foodie influencers Birk Bites and Emily Eats London had a visit and Birk Bites shared stunning imagery of Lupo Bros mouthwatering brunch – which is one of the most effective ways to spread the word.


Al Dente has had a lot of thrilling activity on Twitter. London on the inside has earnestly reminded their 335.5k followers to participate in Al Dente’s pasta competition, and who wouldn’t want to win pasta for themselves and three mates? The viral spiral of the competition has also been a perfect timing for their newly opened venue in Monument, where hungry lunch guests haven’t been held back – the “back at office”-spirit has truly never been better!


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